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Despite a lifetime of never having been a joiner, Stuckism appeals to me.

It is extremely informal, avoiding the confines of any dogma as can become the eventual focal point with any movement or group. There are no overall aesthetic demands or look to the diverse body of artists who consider themselves Stuckists.

The meaning itself is malleable, to me at its heart is emphasis on figurative art without further guidelines of what to do with said subject matter. In an age which increasingly values novelty and cleverness over talent and craft there is a growing disavowal towards the notion of building off of one's artistic predecessors. To be an innovator I do not think one has to reject what has come before, it is not a shackle but a source of inspiration even if only in what different direction one wants to take.

 In many ways, Stuckism is less a movement but is more a reminder that gimmick is not talent, nor should it be respected as such and much talked about novelty has a power but it is fleeting. Any time someone proclaims themselves a Stuckist this, perhaps worded differently, is at the core of what they mean.

I am a Stuckist.

Midnight Latitudes


My CD Midnight Latitude (with Mars Syndicate) is available through: Amazon


The Trick

I collaborated with film group "Filmszene Graz" to create my short film; "The Trick