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My visual work blog is  here.

More of my visual art work can be found on Flickr

­­ I have been included in the latest issue of Jaamzin Creative Magazine  ­­ (page 32)

My art is now for sale through Saatchi Art

I am featured artist of the week at JaamZin Studios


There is a new profile piece about me up on NIJI


Saatchi Gallery has a new installation: The Saatchi Screen (2nd floor) where artworks are projected onto a screen for visitors to see.


My piece 1A Landing SOCAL has been chosen to be part of the installation.

Saatchi Gallery
Duke of York's HQ
King's Road  London


­One of the paintings I did during annual Paris Residency is up on San Francisco MoMa site:

New Interview & Showcase


­A favorite journal has made a triumphant return and the new issue as an interview with me: Spread


­Tonk Tonk Toccata’s World Tour is discussed in an essay up on Mungbeing.


Tonk-Tonk Tocatta, a robot created and brought to life in a basement near Musee Delacroix (Musée national Eugène Delacroix 6 rue de Furstenberg 75 006 Paris). He does not want to be human but often wonders what a hot bath would feel like.


You can find the B-Wolfe clothing & accessory line at