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Early Morning Appointment

It seemed like a medical office waiting room as seen from a hallway. The scuffed plaster wall stopped at waist height to be replaced by one large window to the right of which were two smaller rectangular ones stacked atop each other. All three were bordered by brown aluminum framing.

Inside was a waiting room. On the couch opposite a closed door sat two people. A woman in her late twenties with a pronounced forehead above which sat an unevenly chopped pixie cut. Her skin was milk white, its paleness betraying faded purple twin V shaped veins; one under each eye.

The bottom buttons of her cardigan were undone which showed a belly that was not slovenliness so much as lack of discipline. She may have needed a belt but it was hard to tell by the way she sat.

Leaning back against the cushions her right leg had the knee bent with the foot flat on the floor. The left leg shot straight out and curved so that the inside of this foot and ankle pressed against the carpet.

Next to the woman was a little girl who looked exactly like her down to the way that she was dressed but with better formed features. She sat straight up with her hands clasped together, resting on her knees.

She looked to the left at her twin and chirped;

I am sitting up correctly the way that a lady should.






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